Big Lots

Big Lots

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This guy was particularly depressing to watch. He would load up the cart full of the boxes, get about five feet, they would come crashing back onto the street, he would pick them back up, get another five feet, they come crashing down again, repeat. No kidding, I think he got about thirty feet in about 15 minutes. I understand that these boxes mean money to him, and the merchants were more than willing to give him their leftovers, but he could have made ten trips to the recycling place in the time it took for just this one. He was also going right down the middle of the street paying no mind to the cars passing him honking and cursing.


  1. They actually buy apartments with that money, believe me. :-)
    Nice shot, little out of focus?

    PS: Many times I make a post, it tells me I entered wrong code. There's something wrong. I'm now copying my post before submit, because it gets lost if I go back. I had to rewrite two or more times in my previous posts. :-) (copied again)

  2. After the documentary you've sent, I also grew sympathy to them. I'm planning on a theme based on their stories, in NY. Thank you. Obviously the ones I encountered weren't really homeless, and my comment was based on a perspective I had to different people…

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