By a Tigers Tail

By a Tigers Tail

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From the “Surprise Behind the Scenes” tour at the San Diego Safari Park. We had no idea of what to expect and before the tour, and we were asked what we wanted to see the most, to which most of us said “the Tigers!”. We were very much pleased when we pulled up and our guide said we were going to see them on this stop (of about 4 or 5).

This little lady was sitting in the back of the caged area, just minding her own business until we were walking away to another area. When we came back to see if she had moved, she was poking her head around the corner of the front area to see if we were still there. She happily saw us and then came fully out, laying out for us to see her in all her splendor. To her immediate left is the other side of the cage, where we were able to stand less than a foot away from her. She followed my gaze perfectly as I went around to this side to take her picture, appearing to very much know what the camera was and totally hamming it up for me. What an amazing big kitty! I definitely recommend taking that tour if you get the chance!

More tiger pictures and a few more surprises coming soon.

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