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Ah yes, finally posting again. As with most things in my life right now taking a back seat, I have been way to busy to even care that I’ve been in a creative lull. But actually having a few minutes to sit back and strum on my bass unclogged that for at least a little bit. For those that don’t know me, periods of low creative output really drag me down to the depths of despair. But when I cannot play music for an extended amount of time, I get downright insane and everything else suffers.

The heat… yes, everyone has been feeling it too. But, LA has been unseasonably humid for ANY time of the year. It has been making some really unusually cool looking clouds as of late.



  1. Welcome back :)
    Beautiful clouds. We are having a heatwave too. Of course it happens when I have to gut my house (back breaking work) and, of course, we have no air con! Hope to see you posting more frequently :p

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