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Sorry if anyone has troubles posting again due the code input, but I don’t have any other ideas to stop the spammers. If you have issues, try refreshing the window.

I don’t mind the email spam, or even junk snail mail, but spamming my blog comments is where I draw the line. The really bad thing is now these dumbasses are creating blog accounts at places like and using them to post bot comments that appear to be normal generic comments to a photoblog, but their site links (which go back to these profiles, i.e. redirect to other sites. I may be upgrading to the newest version of pixelpost in the next couple weeks which I hear has some better spam control. Anyone have any other suggestions or solutions they have implemented? I may just build something new on my own, but would rather not just out of sheer lazyness and no time.

Update: So after running the capta script all day, spam was still getting through. I adjusted once again (taking out the original form script completely), and now it works much better. There is no error message if you do not enter the proper code, it just will not post your comment. The page refreshes automagically, so there should be no more errors of entering the right code. Any time you enter the page, the code should be unique.



  1. I'm getting vertigo just looking at this shot!

    On the spam note – I use Movable Type with their inbuilt spamlookup plug-in and haven't had one piece of comment spam since this install, which was a few months ago.

  2. I am having exactly the same problem with spam on my photoblog. I have to try the akismet addon for pixelpost.
    Nice DOF and point of view.

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