Ever Stare Down a Rhino

Ever Stare Down a Rhino?

In animals, photoblog by Steve

This little guy was at the end of our “Surprise Behind the Scenes” tour at the San Diego Safari Park. He was being kept segregated until he gets more used to being around people. When we pulled up, he was having a blast playing with his bouncy ball, much like a puppy. When our tour guide turned on the hose to spray him down, he came over all happy and I swear I could see him smiling, as he was definitely enjoying the cool water on the extremely hot day. He saw the camera and wanted to sniff it, but was more than friendly, all 3500 lbs of him! I never thought I would ever be face to face with a rhino!! I love that you can see the texture of his horn and how it grows like a fingernail.

It’s deplorable that these gentle giants are hunted for just a small amount of simple keratin, but the Safari Park is doing a great job of taking care of the ones they come across and I highly recommend making a donation or taking a tour to help them raise money to make more of a difference for these guys.