Merry Xmas Sunset 2012

In landscapes, photoblog, sunsets by Steve

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

So for this, I was testing a workflow coming right off my Canon 5d Mark III to my Samsung Galaxy S3 via an Eye-Fi card, and then directly to my site via the WordPress Android app. Working fabulously as far as I can tell so far. The recent Instagram uproar has me thinking of new ideas for sharing my photos faster and easier. The new Flickr app is a good alternative, but I will never not use my website as the main place I share my photos, as I have full control over all aspects. Everything else is just a tool to get more viewers as far as I see it.

I’ve also been testing lots of new ways of pictures taking including an app called DSLR Controller for Android, which turns your smartphone or tablet into an external monitor and remote control for your favorite DSLR camera. Loads of fun while shooting video and much cheaper than buying an external monitor (that wouldn’t have full control over the camera, especially focus anyhow). Now I just need a phone/tablet mount for the flash shoe on my camera…