No one patrols this area at night

No one patrols this area at night

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Getting out to nature helps to relieve my stress quite a bit, especially when coming across views like this. It is hard to believe that places like this exist only 15 minutes or so from downtown LA. I was actually trying to get a good shot of the ice cap in the top middle, but I’m happy with the result either way.

True story:
This insane hippy chick is selling passes to park in the area. We go to buy one. She says, “Oh, the park patrols end their shift at 4:30, it’s 5:30 now, don’t worry about it. Besides, no one patrols this area at night” with a *hint, hint, wink, wink*.



  1. hej, nice image. fantastic view. so far away and similar to my snowdownphoto from wales. mountains similar all over the world i guess :)

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