Pain Solves Everything

Pain solves everything

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With no time to get out to take new pictures, but wanting to keep posting, I am going into pictures already taken.

This would be the wife getting worked on, with a design I created. Being the tattooed freak I am, I can definitely attest to the fact that putting your body through extreme amounts of pain can sometimes actually help you cope with traumatic life events. This has to do with the fact you must get your mind focused to deal with the pain. For myself, it forces me to get into a heavy meditative state.

This last week I had a huge session on my back and at the time I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety. During the session I felt a wave of calm come over me and melt away the stress. I am not saying that I would not recommend for everyone to go out and get tattooed as stress management, but I would highly recommend meditation or just doing something fun for yourself every now and again.