Portland Fall

Portland Fall

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Tripods? Bah, we don’t need no stinkin’ tripods.

So now for promised story. We get up early and hit the camera store across from the hotel before hitting downtown Portland for the day on foot. For a self birthday preset I grab some pricey (aren’t they always) filters I keep meaning to try out. About three hours later, we’re at the Portland Japanese Garden paying special attention to the signs that warn for the slippery ground and the narrow stone bridges. After an hour of photos, and general just chilling out, I take a couple pictures of Sunshine. I notice there is too much sunlight on her face, and instead of telling her to move, I instinctively step back. Right into the murky, slimy, and bug filled pond directly behind me. As I am going down up to my upper right leg, my one money grubbing brain cell kicks in flinging my arm up flailing like a little kid on crack trying not to dunk my camera. Then I have time to think “Shit! … Lens… Filter… Going down… ROCK!” Somehow, I manage to tilt my wrist upwards and slam my palm and camera body side into said moss covered rock. Camera completely saved and unwet, leather shoes and dignity shot to all hell.

The part that hurt the most is on the way to find me some dry Chucks, Sunshine says she had time to realize I was falling in, reach out for me, think “Fuck that, I ain’t going in too and ruining MY boots”, and pull back to save her own ass. That’s true love for ya.


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