Stow Lake Gull

Stow Lake – Golden Gate Park

In animals, photoblog, travel by Steve

Here are a few more from the recent San Francisco road trip. As the title suggests, these were taken at Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. We got a few hour break in the rain to walk around the park, and it seemed everyone in the city noticed and came out immediately as well, including all the birds.

The site has been updated again to make it more usable on mobile devices and phones. I really liked the other template, but this newer design is much more streamlined and simple, making it easier to navigate. Also the commenting system is all new as well, as it was a much needed overhaul. I’m sure some of you might be familiar with Disqus comments from other blogs, it should make it much easier to comment and follow threads.

One question for my fellow photobloggers, and partially for everyone else as well. Do you prefer posts with multiple photos or posts to be spread out to one individual post per image? I ask because sites that aggregate the entire RSS feed (like Tumblr or an RSS reader) show all the photos in a single post. However, sites like FB, Flickr, and Twitter only show the first image in the post, requiring the reader to click through to the site to see the remaining photos. I’ve been debating with myself between the old PhotoBlog style of one post, one photo, and a single post containing a multitude of photos, info, and possibly other interesting stuff. I’d love to hear your thoughts.